2 years before I had to go military service. Because when you came in 20 years old in Turkey you have to go. If you are in university it's being 23–24. But i was working in a big company. And I didn’t want to spend my 6 months in military service because it was my highest productive years.

Because of this me and my friend registered for the Dokuz Eylul University Computer Engineering Master’s Degree exam. After quiz and interview, we were accepted.

First time when i started, I wasn’t thinking to finish my Master’s Degree. Because I just wanted…

Hi everyone. This article will explain how you can create an application using Next.js and how you can deploy it to Vercel.

Creating a Next.js Application

Let's start to create an application using the command line.

  • Use the command below for the start of creating an application.
  • “npx create-next-app”
  • After you run that command, CLI will ask you to project name. Then CLI will continue to installing packages for Next.js boilerplate.

Hi everyone, in this article, I will try to explain array operations in JavaScript. Maybe you can find too many blog posts and videos about this topic but I took note of myself and wanted to share it.


forEach is the function that you can reach the items in an array. That does not give you a new array or one element in return. This function allows you to make an operation in the list. Just iterates all items in the list.

Hi everyone in this article i will try to explain what is the trunk based development. I wrote an articlebefore about What is GitFlow and i will talk about differences between GitFlow and Trunk-based Development in this article.

Trunk based development is a development process based on software developers working on a single main branch.

This development or branching model has created in middle of 1990s. As you can see it’s too much older than GitFlow. Because it’s a traditional way of software development.

Developers are working directly on main branch. Also main branch can be called as ‘master’ or…

Hi everyone in this article i will try to explain Liferay Portal and what is it. Currently i’m learning so this article is good for beginners.

Liferay is the Java EE portal that you can create websites it’s like wordpress. Also Liferay is open source and you can check codes here.

Liferay allows you to create a website using developer-created portlets in the portal. While developing, after installing liferay server on your computer, you can make changes to the portlets and view them on the website.

As a frontend developer, I only work React side of portlets. That’s why I…

Hi everyone. In this article, i will evaluate 2020 and i will talk about my 2021 goals. First of all 2020 started really good because it was first new year celebration with my wife in our home.

Starting of 2020 year i was applying the jobs in Germany and Netherlands. Also i was entering some interviews. I got message from a company on LinkedIn. They were saying they have open Frontend Developer position and they were asking me about do i want to enter interviews. …

Arkadaşlar merhaba bu yazımda ASP.NET Core projelerinde code first yaklaşımını kullanarak EF-Core ile PostgreSQL üzerinde veritabanı ve tablo oluşturmaktan bahsedeceğim.

Code-First nedir?

Öncelikle code first yaklaşımının amacı kod ile oluşturduğunuz sınıfların veritabanı üzerinde oluşturulmasını sağlamaktır. Burada tablolarımızı sınıflar, içerisine eklediğimiz özellikleri (property) ise kolonlar olarak düşünebilirsiniz. İlişkileri ise sınıfların birbirleri içerisinde tanımlanmış özellikler olarak düşünebilirsiniz. Biliyorum biraz karmaşık oldu ancak kod örnekleri ile rahatça anlayacağınıza eminim.

Kurulum ve Gereklilikler

Veritabanı işlemleri için bilgisayarınıza PostgreSQL kurmanız gereklidir. Sonrasında PgAdmin içerisinden bir veritabanı oluştıralım.(https://www.postgresqltutorial.com/postgresql-create-database/) Veritabanı kurulumunu bu şekilde tamamlamış olduk. Kod tarafında ise aşağıdaki örnekte ben ASP.NET Core 3.1 ile bir Web API üzerinden anlatacağım.

Bunların yanı…

Hi everyone! In this article i will explain what is Redis? and how to implement Redis in ASP.NET Core projects.

What is Redis?

Remote Dictionary Server (Redis) is a NoSQL database that stores data as key-values. It is written using the C programming language. It is completely open source on Github. (https://github.com/redis/redis)

Redis advantages

Redis works very fast because it stores data on memory and reads and writes from it. So, it’s used as a cache infrastructure on applications. The data are written on Redis at regular intervals and the user is enabled to access this data quickly.

Redis can also be used to store…

Arkadaşlar herkese selamlar. Bu yazımda Redis nedir? ASP.NET Core projelerinde Redis nasıl implemente edilir bu konulardan bahsedeceğim.

Nedir bu Redis?

Remote Dictionary Server (Redis) verileri key-value olarak saklayan bir NoSQL veritabanıdır. C programlama dili kullanılarak yazılmıştır. Tamamen open source olarak Github üzerinde bulunmaktadır. (https://github.com/redis/redis)

Redis bize ne sağlar?

Redis verileri bellek üzerinde tuttuğu ve buradan yazma ve okuma yaptığı için çok hızlı çalışır. Bu sayede uygulamalar üzerinde cache altyapısı olarak kullanılır ve cache üzerinden okunmak istenen veriler Redis veritabanına yazılır.

Cache mekanizması yanında Redis Session bilgilerini saklamak için de kullanılabilir. Çünkü çok hızlı sürelerde okuma yapabildiği için Session bilgileri için kullanımı gayet uygundur.

Redis Kurulumu

Redis’in Windows işletim sistemi…

Hi everyone. In this article i will try to explain what is the DI and How can you use it on ASP.NET Core projects. Also i will try to explain lifecycle types of Dependency Injection.

Dependency injection is a method used to minimize dependencies when applying SOLID principles. With the use of dependency injection, we have written appropriate code for the loosely coupled structure. When adding new features to the project, the cost of correction or addition is minimized.

While defining dependency, there are 3 different life cycles.

Transient (AddTransient)
It ensures that the object we create and use as dependency…

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